The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Birmingham. It symbolizes the bond between most of the British and Chinese organizations in the city. It may b a traditional Chinese festival, but in Birmingham, it is proof that people of different cultures and traditions can co-exist.

The celebration marks the beginning of a New Year. While most of us celebrate New Year on the eve of the 31st of December, the Chinese New Year’s date would vary. It is based on the date the new moon appears which is between the 21st of January and 20th of February.

Chinese New Year celebrations won’t be complete without the traditional Lion and Dragon Dance. The Lion Dance is said to drive evil spirits away and attract good luck and is usually accompanied by flute and drum musicians. According to ancient Chinese traditions, the lions may bite people on the head to wish them good luck and prosperity.

The Dragon Dance is also a famous traditional Chinese ritual which is believed to bring good luck, dignity, fertility, and wisdom.

The celebration won’t be complete without fireworks. Fireworks add a festive atmosphere and have become a major custom. Some families would light firecrackers before dinner to invite ancestors and celebrate with them. At midnight, fireworks begin to set the mood for the rest of the year.

There are also foods that are important parts of the celebration. The most common foods served during Chinese New Year are spring rolls, fish, and dumplings. Most of these foods symbolize prosperity and good luck when served.

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