Chinese Online Shopping

Are you looking for festival attires on Chinese sites and wondering where to start? If it is your first attempt in shopping online, it can be a little bit confusing. Thanks to the Certahosting, The good thing is that there are many trusted platforms from which you can easily purchase from China. The following is a list of such sites from where you can select.


The JD Company is the largest business-to-consumer site shop in China. The site incorporates web hosting of an English version web page, There are over 400,000 newly stocked products here, including the festival outfits. Not only will you get quality attire, but you will also have it on time as it’s going to be delivered quickly. The only disadvantage is that the online client service phone is challenging to access.


It is a favorite consumer-to-consumer online platform in China. The site allows individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to start online retail stores.  There is always a large variety of products sold at a fair price. It is an ideal place when you have a tight budget. The only thing you need to be cautious about is to examine aspects like the customer’s reviews and shop credit before you make a purchase.


The site is almost similar to e-Bay. Apart from the fantastic discounts, you can get what you desire as there are diverse ranges of items here. If you are an online merchant selling festival outfits, this is an ideal site as the larger the number of products you purchase in one go, the lower the price you’ll get.


It is almost similar to Amazon’s site. Dangdang is a sizeable online booking shop that trades over 300,000 products, including event costumes. Currently, it has developed online department shops that specialize in particular selling products, making it easier for you.


Tinydeal is a friendly and easy-to-navigate site where you can do your shopping. The products are in categories and subcategories. If you are searching for new items, you can access it from the home page. Also, if you want products, which cost less than five dollars, you can go to that specific section. If you are getting items for wholesale, the site also has that category in which you’ll get huge discounts. The good thing is that there is a live chat where you can access the customer service if you have any queries.


Tmall is another site for the business-to-consumer trading shop. It is also related to Different local Chinese businesses and international brands have benefited from this platform. On 11th November 2014, the webpage broke a record by trading to a total of $9.3 billion in one day.

By the mention of the word, you can quickly know that Amazon owns it. Over 20 million items ranging from electronics, jewelry, books, and clothing, are available on this platform.


Yihaodian is known for selling grocery products. The online store which offers a platform for business-to-consumer trading is similar to an online supermarket. Other than groceries, you can purchase your favorite festival clothing here.


The site has millions of registered customers from all corners of the globe. The items are in 14 categories. Whether you are looking for less expensive party outfits or any other items, you can most definitely get them from this site.

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