Web Hosting in China

If you are an entrepreneur, a blogger, or maybe someone who has a niche to offer for Chinese people, then you must be interested to know about how web hosting works in China. It is clear by reading this blog post that over a billion people, not to mention that most of the population have access to the internet, it would be beneficial for you as a business owner as well as a blogger to have a website that can be accessed in the country.

A rise of consumers that are choosing online shopping has been observed for the last few years. This only means that it is about time for businesses to finally offer their products to people via their websites. However, if you are an international company, one obstacle you will be facing are application papers that are only available in Chinese characters. Thankfully, services such as Alibaba Cloud provide various materials to enable international companies to know more about applying for an ICP registration.

Registration for ICP

Before your website gets to be recognized in mainland China, you must first register for an Internet Content Provider. Also, take note that website owners are required to show their ICP registration number. The registration number is a single character that represents the municipality where the registration was submitted and should be put below the site page.

It is also necessary to know the ICP category to which your company belongs to before you operate a website in Mainland China.

ICP Categories

ICP Filing

A license that only allows holders to disseminate various information to people for educational and entertainment purposes. Holders are not allowed to put a payment gateway and can’t operate as an e-commerce website.

ICP Commercial License

This license can only be given to applicants that have a registered business in Mainland China. Otherwise, if you are a foreigner and decide to partner with a Chinese business owner, you must only obtain less than 50 percent share to be qualified for an ICP Commercial License. Having this license allows owners to sell their products and services online.

EDI License

If you decide to put up an online marketplace like Taobao where multiple business owners can offer their products through your site, then an EDI License is needed. To get an EDI License, you must first register for an ICP Filing.


If you already have a registered business in mainland China, it would already be easier for you to get these licenses to finally start a new path for your company. On the other hand, if you are still not fully decided, and if registering your business in China seems to be a lot of work, then servers that are hosted in Hong Kong is another option you have.

On the other hand, if you are to ask if it is possible to host elsewhere besides choosing Hong Kong, you can. A good alternative is Singapore where they can send your content at an impressive speed, considering that the country prides itself to be a fast internet provider.

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