Travel Tips for China

China is an alluring country, with hundreds of years of rich culture and history. However, you may experience a culture shock especially when traveling here for the first time. You’ll be dealing with a lot of government policies, language barrier, and smog. It is not like Visiting Seoul so, in order to have a worry-free visit, you need to be informed and prepared. Here are some important tips that you can follow when going to China.

Get a Chinese Visa

Having a hard time planning for your visit to China? Start by getting a Visa because without it, you are not allowed to enter the country. So, it’s the most essential step in planning for this trip.

Visa application form is available online. Your travel information such as the proof of onward travel, your travel itinerary, and dates are needed here. Be careful not to have hand-written corrections or else your application will be rejected. Visit the Chinese Embassy website for the complete details.

Consider Visiting During Off-Season

The tourist attractions in China can get very crowdy during summer as locals and tourists usually come during this season. Aside from that, the excruciating humidity and suffocating smoggy air may give you a hard time especially if you have health conditions. So, consider going to china in late October to March for colder temperatures and lesser crowds.

Prepare for the Language Barrier

One of the most challenging part when visiting China is the language barrier. Therefore, learning some simple phrases in Mandarin and Cantonese can be very helpful. Also, you can download a Chinese translation app on your phone. Always remember to bring a hotel card of where you are staying whenever you go somewhere; this comes handy in case you get lost.


China has enforced a “Great Firewall” to control the internet domestically. It blocks foreign websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even email sometimes. If not accessing these sites is a huge problem for you, then install a VPN in your computer and phone before leaving. See to it that the service provider of the VPN works in China.

Bring Your Own Toilet Paper

There’s plenty of unusual stuff you should know before traveling to China. One of them is that many Chinese lavatories don’t have toilet paper. So, it is advisable to always carry a box of tissue or a roll of toilet paper with you even though there are few hotels and finer restaurants that provide it.

Be Careful When Drinking Water

When in China, keep in mind that the tap water in many areas of the country is not safe to drink. Don’t just drink water from everywhere as it can lead to stomach problems. There’s affordable, clean bottled water in some restaurants and convenience stores that you can buy.

Final Thoughts

Getting in China is not a problem. If you’re coming from Seoul, Korea, there are plenty of options you can take from budget-friendly ferries to trains. You can also opt for direct flights. Ultimately, by following the tips above, you are now ready to discover and fully enjoy China as you can.

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