Fit In like a Local in China

China is a dreaded destination for many people as most find the deep culture somewhat intimidating. However, China is among the best countries to visit thanks to its rich history. According to, to make the most of your trip, it will be necessary to fit it and appear like a local. Here are tips that can help you fit in;

1. Feel free to spit

Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike most Western countries, spitting in China is believed to come about due to an involuntary body response. Contrary to other places, Chinese people find it offensive that anyone would fail to spit and instead swallow it; or spit in a handkerchief and pocket it back. However, don’t go spitting in restaurants or formal places. If you happen to catch a cold when in china, crack on!

2. Let your bikini remain in your bag.

You probably carried a bikini for when you visit China’s coast. Unfortunately, two-piece clothes are rare, and you will probably get a lot of stares if you put one on. If looking to be in swimwear, consider buying a classic one-piece. Most of the swim attire in China is conservative; you wouldn’t want to stand out, would you?

3. Enjoy your cigarette

Unlike other countries that have strict policies on smoking, China allows anyone to smoke in public places. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shock when someone you are sitting next to gets out a cigarette and starts smoking. If you are a smoker, this must be good news for you.

4. Wear red clothes

In China, the color red symbolizes luck and good fortune. If you intend to attend any festival, red is the color. Maybe you can buy some red Custom T-shirts. Bright colors are also common during the festive season, which is between January and February.  During the other months, darker and more conservative colors are worn.

5. Don’t go offering tips.

Whether in a taxi or restaurant, your attendant will not be expecting a tip. There are fewer instances of tipping, so offering tips will make you a nerd. The good thing is you pay for the food as your order.

6. Forget flip-flops, instead turn to closed-shoes.

China is a highly populated country. The streets are always crowded, and they may not be as clean as you expect. Therefore closed-sandals sound better even to avoid any injuries in case someone mistakenly steps on you. Besides, flip-flops are considered to be cheap and low quality.

7. Carry your umbrella with you

The scorching sun in China gives more functionality to an umbrella than just sheltering from the rain.  While it may seem odd for you at first, you will get used to it. Most of the mopeds and bicycles have permanently attached umbrellas for shade.

8. Be friendly

You will notice that everyone you come across will be helpful and super friendly. Though there might be a language barrier, they will try to help you if you happen to be lost. If you walk into a restaurant and you get confused about what to order, be sure someone will give you some suggestions. The least you can do is reciprocate their generosity.

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