CBD Oils prevalent

Cannabis sativa, where CBD oil is derived from, was predominantly used by the ancient Chinese from time immemorial. As a matter of fact you can see here, ancient Chinese people were believed to be the first people to produce and discover the medicinal uses of the plant. Visit this site for state rules.

The Chinese realized that the plant could be utilized for a variety of things like cloth and paper, and it could also be considered as a staple food as well. Evidence also revealed that the Chinese use Cannabis as a rope in the early 10000 BCE.

The beneficial effects of the plant played a vital role in traditional Chinese medicine, which is still prevalent up to now.

Cannabis and Traditional Chinese Medicine

The plant Cannabis Sativa is considered one of the fifty essential herbs used in long-established Chinese medicine. In fact, every part of the cannabis plant can be utilized for a variety of conditions.

The leaf, for example, is used to treat asthma, coughing, and parasites. Meanwhile, the seeds of the plant may be used for constipated individual as a laxative. The ancient Chinese people have also used the plant to alleviate pain, treat insomnia, relax nerves, and give relief to women who are suffering from menstrual cramps.

The Divine Farmer

The use of cannabis in medicine was first recorded in the book “The Divine Farmer’s Herb Root Classic.” It tells about Emperor Shen Neng, traditional Chinese medicine forefather, and how he encouraged his people to use the plant in all aspects of life, even to treat their illnesses.

The late emperor was said to rule China for 140 years, and “The Herbal” book was written during this period. Legend said that Shen Neng was guided by the divine inspiration as he wrote the book. The teachings in the book are still being used by those who utilize traditional medicine up to this day.

The cannabis plant, commonly known as “Ma” in the Chinese language, has yin and yang. Originally, it was used to create fibers for cloth while its stem was used for fuel. As the years passed, the seeds of the plant were already used as food and were finally transformed into oil. The “Divine Farmer”, Emperor Shen Neng thought that the plant could be used to treat a variety of medical conditions if used correctly.

Textbooks about Traditional Chinese Medicine

Emperor Fu Hsi originated the Chinese character writing during 2852- 2738 BCE. The invention of the Chinese character script led to the creation of traditional Chinese Medicine textbooks. The late emperor educated his followers regarding the essence of maintaining a balance between the two opposing forces: the yin and yang.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the plant, which is considered as the yin,  aids in treating gout, rheumatism, and menstrual cramps by re-establishing the balance with the yang.

The numerous uses of the plant continued to be discovered throughout Chinese history. Hua Tue discovered that the plant could be used as an anesthetic by mixing the dried plant with wine. Hua Tue also used cannabis alongside with acupuncture for better pain relief.

CBD oils and Cannabis Sativa in the Modern Eastern Medicine

People who still practice traditional Chinese medicine to treat their underlying condition still used the cannabis plant. In fact, the plant and its derivatives, CBD oil, are currently making a name with regard to their efficacy in treating medical conditions, that have been put on record years back.


Cannabis, where CBD oil is derived, is prevalent in Eastern medicine. In fact, it is believed that the discovery of the medical uses of cannabis has started with the ancient Chinese people. Up to now, people who still practice traditional Chinese medicine are still using the plant to treat their ailments.

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