The Birmingham Chinese Festival magazine was established in 2016, starting with just a few Chinese volunteers who helped Chinese immigrants. As years passed by, more and more immigrants moved out of the urban areas of Chinatown to work.

The volunteers helped Chinese immigrants get used to the new life and overcome challenges that they may encounter while looking for professional work and establishing their families.

On the other hand, the Birmingham Chinese Magazine became known for its festivals. The magazine had to move from one office to another in order to accommodate more volunteers who were willing to help with organizing events and festivals.

A new Chinese generation needs, interests, and expectations are significantly different from the previous generations.

The Birmingham Chinese Festival Magazine is the cultural and traditional place for those who are looking for celebrating events with the Chinese community.

We are currently conducting research in the development of public policies in helping the social care needs and cultural needs of the Chinese community. We at the Birmingham Chinese Festival Committee look at these challenges as an opportunity to continue our advocacy.

Our main goal is to help the Chinese community cope with cultural differences in order to make their cultural life easier in the UK.

In the years to come, we will continue to be on the right path of becoming a magazine that contributes to enriching the cultural life of many Chinese people. We will make sure that the Chinese people are not deprived of their celebrations and traditions just because of language barriers.