Yeunxing Lee | Director

Yeunxing has extensive experience as a managing director. His global experience in people management has helped many of his staff succeed. He has worked with many non-profit organizations which exposed him to the reality of the cultural needs of the Chinese people.

Mandy Chen | Administrator

Aside from being the festival administrator of the Birmingham Chinese Festival Magazine, she is also an active member of other non-profit organizations that help with conducting celebrates. She is in charge of looking for communities that want to cooperate. She organizes volunteer activities to help the Chinese community in order to provide their cultural events.

Ersha Shi | Writer

Ersha specializes in project management and writing. She is also working as a social worker for Birmingham City Council. As a social worker, she is experienced in working with the Chinese community. She encourages and motivates them. Ersha has a passion for Chinese traditions, and this is what makes her fit as a member of our team.

Candy Bea | Volunteer

Candy is proud to say that she excelled in her previous finance roles at the University of Birmingham. She always finds a way to be involved in activities that help international people enhance their cultural education.