Programme - Mid-Autumn Festival - Free Entry

Sunday 7th September 2014

 Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD 

This is an indicative programme only. For full details of performances, please see our free event booklet which will be distributed through Birmingham libraries and will also be available on the day.

Main Stage - Arcadian Centre  


Time               Events
12:30               Speeches
12:45               Tibet Dance: Singing Aloud (Birmingham Oversease Chinese Association School)
12:50 Xinjiang Wu (Birmingham Chinese School)
12:55         Butterfly Dance (Birmingham Chinese Society Dancing Group)
13:00          Small Town's Story, The Moon Represents My Heart, Spring (Birmingham Culture and Language School)
13:05 The Great Wall (Chinese Community Centre Birmingham)
13:10 Kanting Love Soung - (Birmingham Chinese Society Karaoke Group)
13:15 Chinese Songs (Robin Hood Primary Academy School)
13:20               Dancing (Chinese Community Centre Birmingham Wan Sheung Dance Group)
13:25               Martial Arts (Academy of Wing Chun)
13:40               Peacock Dance (Wanlin Dance Troupe)
13:45 Singing (Chinese Community Centre Birmingham)
13:55               Modern Dance (Birmingham Overseas Chinese Association School)
14:00               Kung Fu show (Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
14:10 Dance of Childhood (Birmingham Chinese School)
14:15               Chinese Drum c
14:20 Violin Performance (Beth Zheng, Mary Xie)              
14.30               Martial Arrts (Academy of Wing Chun)
14.45               Chinese Dance (Wanlin Dance Troupe)
14:50 Dancing (Chinese Community Centre Birmingham Wan Sheung Dance Group)
14:55 Hulusi Solo (Wanlin Dance Troupe)
15:00 Dancing (Jimmy Li)
15:05 Dai Dance and Hulusi (Wanlin Dance Troupe)
15:10 Singing (Tiffany Pang)
15:15 Chinese Fan Dance (Wanlin Dance Troupe)
15:20 Singing (Stella Wan)
15:30 Xinjiang Dance (Wanlin Dance Troupe)
15:35 Dragon and Lion Dance (Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Academy)
16:00 Close



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