The Birmingham Chinese Festival Magazine supports a large number of Chinese communities. Currently, we have a large number of volunteers who share the same passion for organizing traditional Chinese events.

We support Chinese people traditions and culture of all ages and well being is our priority. However, we can’t do all that without the support of our volunteers.

We are still welcoming new volunteers, and we are grateful for each member and volunteer who wish to join us. Help us reach out to many people and deepen our advocacy. In order to maintain the stability of our communication process, we need volunteers who can speak and write at least one Chinese language.

Most of our clients speak very limited English; we fully understand their needs if they will be able to talk to someone in their language. Also, speaking in their language can make them feel that they can trust us in whatever challenges they may encounter.

We are currently looking for volunteers in the field on information technology, social media marketing, event planning and coordination, advertising, fundraising, and community service. We look forward to working with you.